Minecraft building


How to build in Minecraft

I like to teach people how to build in Minecraft. I don't provide block per block tutorials but I like to give tips and give inspiration so that you can come up with some amazing builds yourself and can actually say, I made this, instead of copying it block by block from a YouTuber. On my YouTube channel you can suggest anything you want in the comments of any video and if I like the idea, I will do a video on it for you and show you how to build your suggestion in Minecraft.


My YouTube Journey

I started doing YouTube in the year ~2008, uploading GTA stunt montages and later on Call of duty montages. After a couple years I discovered Minecraft and it quickly became my daily game. The first Minecraft video I posted was a remake of a call of duty map named Nuketown. I then continued doing this for a long time and posted around 30-40 call of duty map remakes which happened to become very popular (I was one of the first people to do this and start this trend). In 2015 I stopped doing Call of Duty maps and started on the GTA 5 map. Along came a lot of other fun projects but GTA 5 was always my main thing since then. I now do a lot of "How to build" videos where I show how you would make certain buildings or structures the best way possible and walk you through the steps on how you would do it. Feel free to check out any of the videos down below! :)


About me

My name is Nick. N11cK became my online-name because of a couple reasons. Nick was always taken, N1ck was always taken, Niick was always taken, then N11cK was the next usually available option. Such a beautiful story on how I got my name right? I agree. I'm 21 years old at the time of writing this, if I forget to update this number when I get older, I was born on the 17th of June, 1995. You can do the math. I'm from the Netherlands.